Environmental Upgrades that can Save You Money

Solar Panels

The most impactful option, solar panels can reduce 1 to 16 metric tons of CO2 depending on the size of your solar system. Consider these with a newly purchased home, as installation costs are offset by utility savings over many years. More Info Calgary Solar Installation HERE

Energy Efficient Appliances

Investing in Energy Star-labelled appliances can make a big impact environmentally and financially. Your top priority could be the water heater, which generally makes up 19% of the energy consumption in the average Canadian home. Find More Information HERE

Rainwater Harvesting

Canadian households use a lot of water - 511,000 litres annually, each. Harvesting rainwater can lighten your reliance on the water system, with collected water going to toilets, washing machines and lawn/garden watering, while saving you 30-50% on the water bill. Get More Information HERE

Feel free to share with us your tips on creating a more environmentally friendly home.