Tips For Moving With Kids

Packing up and moving the whole family could be a mixture of excitement and complete and utter chaos. The end goal being to simply get everything and everyone to your new home, regardless of how much coffee, tears, candy that may be later. Don't worry we support your quick thinking! We wanted to share a few tips that may make it a tad be easier the next time you move with the kids!

1. Get Them Involved

Start the conversation as soon as possible, giving your kids time to process and prepare. Let your kids participate in the house-selection process. Allowing them to voice their opinion on a property makes them feel involved and heard. Your kids will feel like their thoughts are valued during this big decision without just feeling like it is something that is happening to them. 

2. Relive The Memories

Saying goodbye can be hard. Each home your family lives holds moments in time you won't be able to recreate; measurements ticked into the doorway, an infamous squeaky stair, the surprise crayon masterpiece that graces your hallway. These are all moments worth cherishing. Create a memory book filled with photos and doodads of the good times shared at your current home to help your little ones find closure as they get ready to make new memories in the next one.

3. Goodbye Goodies

Give your little ones a chance to say a proper goodbye to neighbours, babysitters, local pets and coaches by preparing treats and delivering them to the people who made your community feel special. 

4. Make A Plan

Now we know that you can't plan for everything even though you absolutely tried. That is A-OK! Try to take a moment to sit with your kids and discuss the coming weeks. Create a list with goals for packing achievements. Determine what your meals will be ahead of time and where you will be eating them. Schedule and organize transportation days for your things and your family for a safe trip.

5. Use Kid Free Time Wisely

Whether it is naptime, bedtime, school days, playdates or getting a babysitter - take that time to focus on the things that need to get done. Packing is stressful as is, even moreso when you have little ones strapped to your legs insisting on being entertained. Seize each moment the kids are occupied to toss junk you wish the kids would realized was literal junk, pack up the breakables or just be able to move at a quicker pace.

6. Stay Positive

Easier said than done, we know. But, chances are your kids are going to be stressed too. There will be a lot going on and plenty of change happening that may have them feeling overwhelmed. As adults we can help to set an example by doing our best to remain positive and breath through the tense moments that may not be going exactly as planned.